Instant Coffee

  • Kenco Smooth Roast 10 x 300g    
  • Kenco Rich 10 x 300g    
  • Nescafe Gold Blend 10 x 300g   
  • Barista Columbian Coffee 10 x 300g   

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  • ​Barista Vending Chocolate 10 x 1kg
  • Suchard Chocolate 10 x 1kg

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Vending Soups

  • ​Chicken Soup 6 x 500g
  • Vegetable Soup 6 x 500g
  • ​Tomato Soup 6 x 500g
  • ​Beefy Drink 6 x 500g

Vending Tea

  • Instant Tea Granules 10 x 100g
  • ​Leaf Tea 6 x 1kg

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​​​Hand Roasted Artisan Espresso Beans

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Ground Coffee

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Any vending hot drinks machine, table top machine or bean to cup machine is only as good as it's ingredients, as without quality ingredients the best machine can still make a poor quality drink.

Here at Completely Co. we pride ourselves in offering the best quality vending ingredients, and of course hand roasted artisan espresso beans.

​Topping & Whiteners

  • Milfresh Gold Freeze Dried Milk 6 x 1kg
  • Le Royal Freeze Dried Milk 6 x 1kg
  • ​Barista Freeze dried Milk 10 x 1kg
  • Barista Whitener 10 x 1kg
  • ​Barista Cappuccino Topping 10 x 1kg

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Vending Sugar

  • ​Sugar 6 x 2kg

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