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He found that when his flock ate certain red berries, they became very active. Upon tasting them, he learnt for himself the energetic effect of the coffee berries. The word spread about the energy-giving quality and people began roasting the berries and brewing them. Coffee trees grow today as they have down for centuries where the legend of Kaldi originated.
Coffee was being cultivated in Yemen by the 15th century if not before. In 

​The Different Espresso Based Drinks

This popular coffee is made with a cream base. Delicious and rich, but only for those who like to indulge and not watch their figures. Why not treat yourself! The Vienna Coffee is made by infusing two shots of espresso in a cup with whipped cream until the cup is full. The cream is twirled and then the final touch is to add chocolate curls. Coffee is drunk through the cream.​

A Mocha is a variant of a Latte. It is a delicious coffee for lovers of coffee and chocolate and combines the two. It is one third espresso and two thirds steamed milk. Made similarly to a Latte, espresso is mixed with chocolate (either a chocolate syrup or instant chocolate powder as used in some vending machines) and topped up with aerated warm milk. To make a spectacular Cafe Mocha, sprinkle chocolate curls on top. Mochas can contain milk or dark chocolate according to taste.

Macchiato (stained) is an Espresso with the edge taken off by topping with a small scoop of hot foamed milk. It has a much stronger and aromatic taste than a small Cappuccino, although it looks like one and is made from the same ingredients.
To make it, the milk is foamed straight into the espresso cup, and then the coffee is added afterwards from the coffee outlet. Cocoa is then sprinkled over the drink if required.
Sometimes the process is reversed and the coffee is placed in the cup first, topped with the milky foam. A short Macchiato has one shot of coffee and and a small amount of hot water, while a long Macchiato has two shots of espresso and a small amount of hot water.

Lattes are delicious and popular the world over and are very easy to make. Lattes are prepared by pouring aerated hot milk over a shot of espresso in a large mug or cup. This gives a warming nut brown colour. Lattes can be made with any type of milk and exciting versions can be made by adding coffee syrups or liqueurs. Perfect for that cold afternoon's shopping trip.

Greek Frappe Coffee
A Greek Frappe Coffee is an iced coffee drink made from spray-dried instant coffee and covered in foam. Depending on which country you're drinking in, the word 'frappe' is defined as different things; in Greece it is taken to refer to the preparation of the frappe as in 'shaking', while in France it means 'shaken and/or chilled'.

Espresso is the strongest coffee taste made by using finely ground coffee beans and nearly boiling water. Served in small cups (one shot = 'single' / two shots = 'double') it is the perfect tonic for giving you an energy burst, but remember it is very strong. Espresso often has a thicker consistency than other coffees. The water is forced under pressure through the finely ground coffee beans. Espresso is also the base of other coffee drinks such as a latte.

The Cappuccino is a delicious and popular coffee made with a double espresso shot, hot milk and steamed milk foam. A Cappuccino differs to a Latte in that it is prepared with much less steamed or textured milk. The total of espresso is topped up with approximately half of an aerated hot milk and half of a more solidly foamed milk. The foam is usually visible above the side of the cup. Part of the 'Frothy Cappuccino's appeal lies in its presentation, being in a porcelain cup which retains heat, and chocolate powder or flakes to give a delicious finish.

Flat White
A flat white can be made using either a single or a double shot of espresso in a cup,
followed by adding aerated hot milk over the top. It is very common for the now fashionable 'Latte Art' to be seen whilst making a flat white. Start by pouring the hot milk into the espresso in a circular motion to infuse the shot. From there a Barista can create numerous arts using the milk alone.

An Americano is simply a shot of espresso topped up with boiling water. It can also be accompanied with hot or cold milk. The amount of milk added will determine the strength of the coffee taste. Taken without cream or lots of milk, it has to be one of the lowest calorie coffee drinks.

​​​We do not know for sure when coffee was first discovered, but according to legend, it was

in the Ethiopian province of Kaffa that coffee trees originated. Apparently it is

recorded that slaves who were taken from present day Sudan into

Arabia and Yemen via 'Mocha', the great port of its day, ate the

fruit of the plant, known as coffee cherries.

In early writings of around 900 BC in the Arabic world,

archaeologists have found evidences of the use of coffee as a medicine,

although a common legend assigns the discovery of coffee to an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi (around 300 AD).

an attempt to stop its cultivation elsewhere, Arabs imposed a ban on fertile coffee beans being exported. However, the Dutch brought live coffee plants back to the Netherlands in 1616 to be grown in greenhouses.

It was only from the early 17th century that coffee became popular in Europe, with its popularity growing quickly. Coffee houses began opening all over the place, including France, England, Italy and Germany as well as the Netherlands.

Nowadays, some of the worlds most important and appreciated coffee roasters are Italian although it is possible to find excellent coffee in every major city of the world. Coffee is one of the most valuable primary products in world trade. Many millions of people worldwide are employed in the cultivation, processing, trading, transportation and marketing of the product.

We have the Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance coffee beans - exports of coffee account for more than 50% of foreign exhange earnings for many of the world's least developed countries. The importance of coffee to the world economy is crucial  as it is to the economies and politics of many developing countries. Find out more information about Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance products.