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As our Luxury Artisan Espresso beans are roasted to order, please note that your order will be dispatched when your beans have been roasted and packaged. Therefor please allow 3 - 7 working days for delivery.


Luxury Blends
Our Artisan blends are specifically sourced from all over the globe and roasted by

hand to create perfect, delicious and distinct flavours.


A luxurious Italian Medium Roast blend using the finest Arabica beans from South America

and Asia. This blend offers a consistently smooth espresso with a lovely crema, with a floral and citrus aroma. This marriage between bitter and sweet is sublime. The Sorento is a blend one can enjoy on numerous occasions.


A fantastic Italian dark roast using the finest Arabica beans from South America and Asia,

offering a smooth and consistent blend with a lower acidic aftertaste for longer lasting

smoothness. A finer grind offers a good amount of acidity that builds into a slight amount of

fruitiness in it’s final notes. A real favourite!


A dark & smooth Italian blend from South America and Asia, with a nice amount of acidity which is not too punchy allowing light notes to roll over the tongue. Offering a luxurious crema for a fine espresso.

Milano Italian Blend

Blended using the very finest single origin arabica beans from India, South America &

Africa. This unique bean is perfectly blended to produce a velvety rich and smooth espresso

with full flavours and a deep body with smooth edges, rich aromas and a smooth lingering

after taste which make this a luxuriously well balanced espresso that works perfectly

with traditional group machines and Bean to Cup machines alike.   

Fair-trade Milano Italian Blend

Blended to the same exact standards as our famous Milano bean to give the same quality of espresso, these coffees are sourced from Fairtrade certified origins.  

Lucca Rainforest Alliance Beans

With a well rounded, play-full flavour having a slight acidic bight, this Medium Roast is a

true delight. A pure winner.