Convid-19 - We are still open....

January 17, 2020

To All Our customers

As of the 23rd March 2020 some major changes are happening. Through this time we will see many work places shutting the doors for a few weeks or until the time comes that everyone is safe to get back to their jobs. In the mean time we will still be open as normal for our customers. The reason why we will not be closing is some of our customers are the NHS, carehomes and of work places that cannot close.

Our service and deliveries is essential for many organisations throughout the midlands and the whole of the UK. Our customer service line will still be open during normal hours and where possible work will be carried out at home.

We are always following the Government guildlines and have set up new ways to work for our drivers and engineers when they are on site. Social distances will remain in place and we ask that when our driver arrives he is allowed movement into your work place to deliver the water bottles that you need.

If you would like to talk about anything our customer service line is open at 01788 247511. Please stay safe and look after everyone at your home and work place.

Kind Regards from all the team at Completely Water Ltd.