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Drinking plenty of water helps to maintain concentration, reduces fatigue and removes toxins, so what could be better?

Did you know that if you have 4% - 5% less than the 8 glasses a day recommended average, your mental and physical performance could be affected by up to 20 - 30%.

Do you have a small business or problems getting to a mains water supply? Then a bottled water cooler could be the best option for you. Easy to install and move if desired, without the need for pipes and a mains water feed. For offices with a small number of staff a bottled cooler is the perfect way to save money and get a drink of cold water as and when you want.

Benefits of a bottled water cooler:

  • It's easy to fit a bottle of natural spring water onto the top of any cooler floor standing or table top.
  • Coolers can be  located anywhere you choose, and if you change your mind, you can simply move it!
  • Performance benefit - having your staff drink more water increases hydration and has health benefits. (hopefully resulting in fewer sick days and increased performance levels!)
  • Bottled water is sourced underground from Leicestershire at a natural spring water depot.
  • Hygiene cleans are performed every 3 months. If you forget we wont.

Bottled Water Coolers

Do you Like Spring Water? Yes? Then why not have a Bottled Water Cooler?