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Brita offer a wide selection of professional water softeners to cater perfectly for your needs. They can remove Chlorine, Lead, other heavy metals and lets not forget bad tastes and smells from your water, so that you can rest assured that you are offering your customers the best hot beverage possible. Let's not forget, it is all about customer retention!

If you are not sure which Brita solution is best for you, then simply ask. We have a calculator that can tell us which group of softeners will offer varying levels of cover based on your output and post code. The post code is essential in calculating the recorded hardness of water in your area.

We offer a comprehensive range of complete units, heads or replacement cartridges.

Why worry about having a water softener/filtration system on you vending, hot drinks machine, traditional group machine or even water cooler?

Water softeners are an essential aspect to running a business that houses any of the machines listed above, especially if your machine is the core workhorse in your business.

​When rain water falls to the ground it will do one of two things; either stay above ground due to the rock surface being solid and non porous e.g. lochs in Scotland. This is commonly referred to as 'Soft Water'.

Or the water will pass through the soil and porous rock particularly in the East & South East parts of the UK. This water is commonly known as 'Hard Water'.

Water softeners not only help ensure that your customers receive the highest quality water and best tasting coffee from your machine, but also protect your machine from harmful scale and corrosion.  It is this scale and corrosion that can lead to your machine running less efficiently, or ultimately breaking down causing not only disruption to your business, but expensive maintenance and repair costs to your expensive equipment.