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Food Preparation

​Commercial food processors and veg prep machines, Robot Coupe machines, bag sealers, vacuum pack machines, pasta machines, mincing and stuffing machines, meat grinders, meat slicers, ice cream and desert makers and juicers, Completely Co. can provide a wide variety of machines to have your business up to speed when preparing all types of food.


​From hand held stick blenders and bar & kitchen blenders to smoothie makers, hand held mixers, heavy duty mixers and planetary mixers, Completely Co. can source a mixer to meet your needs.

Cooking Machines

​From slot or conveyor toasters, contact grills and crepe makers, to waffle makers, salamander grills, kebab grills, hog roast machines, tabletop or floor standing fryers, induction cookers, commercial microwaves, convection ovens, combi ovens, ranges and even canopies, Completely Co. can supply all that you need to cook the perfect meal consistently cover after cover.