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Traditional Espresso Machines in Rugby

Here at Completely Coffee Co. we appreciate a decent cup of coffee and we know

our customers deserve and expect the best - so that's what we deliver.

We don't want all our customers selling the same coffee. If we do that what will our

customers have to set their coffee experience apart? This is why we offer a true artisan

experience, with freshly hand roasted beans grown from origins all over the globe,

and  packaged however you desire. We can even add your own logo onto the bags.

                                         If we can't help our customers create their own identities and custom, what good would we be  

                                          doing? Well, we would simply be yet another coffee supplier, and where would the desire and

                                        excitement be in that?

                                We pride ourselves on supplying the finest luxury Artisan blends and Origin Coffee Beans available. We  

                          want our clients to be able to offer their customers delicious coffee. If you don't see what you're looking for please let us know and we'll be happy to source or even match any blend for you.