Disposable Products and Cleaning

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​Completely Co. offer a variety of commercial washing machines, linen trucks, iron presses and ironing boards to help keep your linens clean, crisp and fresh!

Pest Control

​Any kitchen or food preparation area will require some kind of pest control system. Whether it be a fly screen, glue trap, electric fly killers or a combination of all of these items, we can supply a variety of pest control solutions.

Safety & Signs

​Completely Co. can supply your business with a variety of safety signs, stickers, safety mats, first aid boxes, sets and refills, fire blankets and even LED display signs.

Cleaning Chemicals & Equipment

Completely Disposables Co. can supply you with all you need for your cleaning regime. Frome surface cleaners, floor cleaners​, hand sprays and spray guns, to floor cleaners, oven cleaners, glass cleaner, washing powder and dishwasher powder, salt and rinse aid, we can help keep your business spick and span.

Waste Management

​From medium to heavy duty bin-liners, coloured plastic bags, holders, waste bins, recycling bins, outdoor bins and bottle bins to food waste containers, we are sure that we will be able to cater for your waste management needs.

Washroom Hygiene

​At Completely Co. we care about hygiene. It is because of this that we supply a wide range of hand soaps, sprays and gels, along with a number of different dispensers for these hand soaps, toilet rolls and hand towels, not to mention air fresheners!

Paper Products

​We can supply a wide range of hand towels, 2 & 3 ply luxury toilet rolls for happy bums, bulk pack toilet rolls, napkins, centre-feeds, jumbo's, tissues and even anti bacterial wipes!

​​Here at Completely Disposables Co. we can meet even the most demanding of bottoms!