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If you are undecided why not visit our showroom and look at our range of machines? We are here to discuss your needs and help you make an informed decision on the best solution for you. Alternatively, if you just wish to come and sample the coffee you are more than welcome. 

​Once you have an idea based on the information we provide, we can arrange for a site survey to be undertaken to ensure the machines will be suitable for you.

Operating Service

If your workplace is on a larger scale with more staff to cater for we offer a fully operated service. One of our operators will visit your place of work, from every day to two or three times a week. Here they will fill and clean the machines to keep them topped up with stock.

Why not contact us to find out if you qualify for our take all package, where we will supply a machine, operate it all free of charge? We offer a fully operated vending service in Rugby, Warwickshire, Coventry & Nuneaton. After all, you have nothing to loose by asking. 

​​Hot Drinks Machines

Here at Completely Vending Co. we can supply a wide variety of hot drinks machines available to buy outright or lease. From basic instant machines, to a combination of single fresh brew tea, double fresh brew or bean to cup coffee, digital touch display or push button, coin mechanisms and/or token or coinless options, the options are quite vast depending on requirement and budget.

​We offer new machines and equipment from                                                                              and                   

​Depending on your needs and requirements, we are able to supply you with the right vending machine to suit. Our hot drink machines can be tailored to your needs.  If you are looking for a fresh bean to cup coffee machine to suit 50 plus staff, or require  a  smaller machine to suit a smaller office space, we are your company.  From full sized floor standing vending machines, table top, Bean to Cup or fresh ground coffee varieties, we have a wide selection of machines on offer.