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Food Carousel

Here at Completely Vending Co. we can supply a wide variety of vending machines including food carousels which available to buy outright or lease.

​ We offer new machines and equipment from            which are a 24/7 mini canteen, giving you the ability to offer not only snacks, but fresh sandwiches, cans, fruit, yoghurts, cakes, burgers etc.                         

If you want to offer your staff a food option without the addition of a canteen, this may be the option for you!

Depending on your needs and requirements, we are able to supply you with the right vending machine to suit. Our food carousel machines can be tailored to your needs.  If you are looking for machine to suit 50 plus staff, or require  a  smaller snack or drinks machine to suit a smaller office space, we are your company as we have a wide selection of machines on offer.​

​Why not contact us to find out if you qualify for our take all package, where we will supply a machine, operate it all free of charge? We offer a fully operated vending service in Rugby, Warwickshire, Coventry & Nuneaton. After all, you have nothing to loose by asking.

  • Complete product offer: from non-alimentary goods to fresh food
  • Possibility to set the layout of each drum according to the location's need
  • Products dispensed in a FIFO shopper mode
  • Possibility to stratify two temperatures inside the cell
  • New aesthetics with L.E.D. lighting of the front panel and of the internal part of the cell
  • System of blinking L.E.D. which guides the user through the selection, payment and collection processes
  • Elegant black and silver aesthetics of the user interface area
  • Large LCD display 128x64 pixel
  • New backlit FIFO shopper button
  • 6 bit electronics with 4 MB flash memory
  • Possibility to manage up to 4 prices inside the machine and up to 4 different price per drum
  • Advanced management of the expiry date of fresh products
  • Enhanced energy saving mode granting a lower energy consumption (class A+ according EVA EMP 3.0)