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Only £495.00 ​plus VAT.


​This small hand fill domestic machine is manufactured in Italy to very high standards. It operates from a 220-240v supply and water is supplied via a tank at the back of the machine that is filled manually. There is an inbuilt grinder that grinds fresh coffee on demand via a micro switch situated where you place the filterholder. Simply hold the filter holder against this switch and the coffee will grind automatically. You have the option of either making one or two coffees at a time or alternatively using the pod filter insert, supplied with the machine. There is a steamer option to froth or warm milk. The coffee operation is semi-automatic via a switch on the front of the machine. There are also two removable drip trays for easy cleaning.

• Tank capacity 2.7 litres
• H390 x L330 x D420mm
• 1200 WATTS
• 3 mins warm-up time
• Pump 15 bar
• Weight 12.2 kg
• Use beans or pods

Iberital Domestic Machine


  • Digital Display Option
  • Two S/S Steam Arms
  • Lever Steam Valves
  • Anti Splash Hot Water
  • Optional Magnetic Pump Motor
  • Heating Element 5000W - 3800W (2 Group)
  • 14L Boiler (2 Group)
  • H 455mm, D 568 mm, W 783 mm 61 KG (2 Group)
  • Adjustable Twin Steam Pipes
  • Hot Water Control With Anti Splash
  • Back Lit Stylish Touch Pads
  • Superior & Stylish E61 Group Heads
  • Optional Lever Steam Valves
  • S/S Front Panel
  • 10.5L - 14L Boiler (2 Group)
  • 3000W - 3800W Element (2 Group)
  • H 451mm, D 585 mm, W 790 mm 51 - 60 KG (2 Group)
  • Two Steam Arms
  • Programmable Digital Display
  • Ergonomically Tilted Filter Holders
  • Touch Pad Function
  • Lever Steam Valve
  • 3L Coffee Boiler & 8.4L Steam Boiler (2 Group)
  • 1000W Coffee & 3000W Steam Heating Element (2 Group)
  • H 455mm, D 568 mm, W 783 mm 64 KG (2 Group)
  • Volumetric Dosage
  • Independent Electronic CPU's for each group
  • Single S/S Steam Arm
  • Anti Splash Hot Water Pipe
  • 2600W Heating Element (2 Group)
  • 14L Boiler (2 Group)
  • Starter Relay 25 A Built In
  • H 455mm, D 540 mm, W 750 mm 73 KG (2 Group)
  • Stainless Steel Front Panel
  • Back Lit Touch Panels
  • Anti Splash Hot Water Control
  • Cup Warming Grid
  • Single or Double Steam Arm Options
  • 10.5L Boiler on 2 Group
  • 20L Boiler on 3 Group
  • H 460mm, D 508 mm, W 695 mm 61 KG (2 Group)

A Taste Of Our Current Iberital Lease Deals

All weekly figures based on a 36 month lease rental agreement and do not include VAT. Lease contracts are available subject to status.

L'Anna Intenz 2 Group 5kw Alto
Free Barista kit
Could be yours from £26.75 per week

Iberital IB7 2 Group Auto
Free Barista Kit
Could be yours from £19.50 per week!

Iberital New L'Adri 2 Group Auto
Free Barista Kit
Could be yours from £35.50 per week!

Iberital Expression 2 Group Auto Alto 2 Boiler
Free Barista Kit
Could be yours from £40.00 per week!

Iberital New L'Adri

The new L'Adri Fully Automatic Machine combines a superb performance with a distinctive contemporary design. The L'Adri is a top-quality machine built to perform and delivers with a powerful performance.

Iberital Intenz Electronic Machine

Function meets seduction. Made to satisfy the most demanding tastes, the Intenz has a sophisticated yet robust  design  to withstand intensive use and meet high performance expectations. 1, 2 and 3 Group Electronic Machine Options and  an Alto (Tall Cup) Version.

Iberital Expression Two Espresso Machine 

Precise & powerful inside, attractive & comfortable outside. Designed for highly demanding environments, both in terms of workload as well as the quality of extraction, the Expression Two boilers supplies precision and stability. The two key features are essential especially when using the most delicate of coffee blends. Available in an Electronic programmable option.

Iberital L'anna Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Available in Electronic, Semi-automatic Versions. With an elegant design, the Iberital L'anna is available in 1 & 2 Group options and offers great performance at an affordable price. Ideal for smaller businesses and start-ups it offers excellent value for money.

Iberital IB7

A unique design based on vintage machines. Strong and beautiful. Perfect for businesses where space is an issue, the IB7 is a stylish Espresso Machine that is both powerful and reliable, retaining all of the robustness of any Iberital machine. Available in 1, 2 and 3 Group fully automatic, Compact and Alto models.

IB7                 L'anna                    Expression Two              Intenz                 New L'Adri

Iberital are manufacturers of quality Electronic and Semi-Automatic Group Espresso Coffee Machines.  Designed and hand made at their factory in Barcelona, Iberital offer a wide range of designs so that you can choose with complete confidence that your Espresso Machine will deliver consistently high standards in taste, style and performance. 

Get a FREE Barista Kit with any New Traditional Group Machine & Grinder purchased or leased from us.

Please call us on 01788 247511 for more information and pricing on the Iberital range and we'll be happy to help you.