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​Hot Drinks Capsule Selection

A perfect choice for small businesses who want the ease and simplicity of using a capsule, placing a cup under the dispenser and pushing a button. These versatile machines can be manually filled with water, or plumbed into the mains supply. All you really need is a 13 amp plug socket and some thirsty staff.


Kenco Medium Roast Coffee -Perfect for everyday coffee drinking
Kenco Dark Roast -A dark roast with a rich, continental taste
Kenco Decaffeinated Coffee - All the smooth and balanced coffee flavour without the caffeine
Kenco Carte Noire Arabica - Rich & smooth, medium to strong - a connoisseur's choice
Kenco Carte Noire Espresso - Dark, intense and full-bodied espresso

Teas & Infusions

PG Tips Tea - An all-round favourite
Twinning’s Earl Grey Tea - A light, black tea with bergamot


Cadbury Chocolate - What could be better!
Kenco Cappuccino - Sweet and frothy


Paper Cups, Lids, White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Stirrers, plastic cups, vending cups and much more.

Machine Rental

Please get in touch for more information and a full break-down in costs if you are interested in renting a Kenco Singles Exhibition Machine. Prices from £75.00 + vat per week for exhibitions. Postage and carriage return charge is £55.50 + vat.

Long term rental is available on more favourable tariffs.