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Trolleys & Shelving

​From plastic or stainless steel clearing trolleys, tray dispensers and stacking trolleys, cutlery trolleys, utility trolleys and service carts, to Jackstack solutions, you will find what you are looking for with Completely Co.

​Tables & Sinks

​We offer a range of stainless steel kitchen tables and sinks in varying dimensions, helping you plan out and fit the perfect kitchen for your space!

Food Storage

​Here at Completely Co. we can offer a variety of solutions to help keep your food fresh and take away the risk of cross contamination. From food bins, containers, trays to gastronoms, you will find the right mix of storage for your kitchen.


​Here at Completely Co. we offer a wide selection of frying pans (from cast iron to non-stick), saucepans and pots (in copper, stainless and aluminium), oriental cookware, colanders and terrines but to name a few.

Pastry & Baking

​From muffin trays to sieves and piping tubes, we offer a comprehensive selection of equipment. Everything you require for baking and pastry making is available through Completely Co.

Coths & Gloves

​Completely Disposables Co. Offer a variety of dishcloths, tea towels, oven gloves, freezer gloves, baker's mitts, cut resistant gloves and of course disposable latex, vinyl and Nitrile gloves.


​Utensils cover a wide area, ranging from chopping boards, serving spoons, thermometers, tongs, ladles, graters, scoops, scales, measuring jugs and oven mitts, to pasta machines and hamburger making machines.


We supply a wide range of professional chefs knives, with brands such as Global, Tsuki, Dick, Wusthof, Chefworks, Hypiplas and Victrorinox, with prices to cut through any budget. We also supply knife blocks, sets, sharpening tools and cases.

(Please note you must be over 18 to purchase knives from Completely Co.)