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We can even supply you with Water Cups. 7oz or 9oz, it's your choice.

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  • Save Money (first and foremost) can be more cost-effective than bottled coolers.
  • No heavy lifting of water bottles (which also means you never run out of water!)
  • Stylish water coolers to suit your work place, or budget coolers to suit you pocket.
  • Filters are fitted with every machine changed every 6 months to keep your water clean and fresh (don't worry, we will either do it for you or remind you).
  • No more storage space needed for your water bottles.
  • Completely Co. will take care of your installation. What did we say about taking the stress away?
  • Thinking of helping the environment? Well, you will be by having a mains water cooler! No more water bottles to be recycled, no more delivery vans to drop water off and no more wasted water. It's a win-win solution...

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Put your feet up... Take the stress away... Why should you have a mains water cooler? Here's a few reasons why;


Plumbed in water coolers, mains water coolers, mains fed, point of use, there are many different names but they all refer to the same thing. Don't get confused by jargon. it's quite simple. If you have a medium sized office with 10+ staff, a mains water cooler WILL save you money over a bottled water cooler option.

Mains Plumbed in Water Coolers to Rent or Purchase